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Our software development services cover the whole development cycle, with a primary focus on Linux and mobile platforms. We make it a point to deliver high quality source code and complete documentation. The solutions we deliver are built on proven technologies, so you can count on sustainability and further maintainability of our deliveries.
Software Design
REDAMP software architects work hard to clearly understand the overall context of each project. This allows us to design the best fitting solution, taking into account hardware specifications, requested service availability, robustness, and possible future scalability.
Based on what we need to achieve in the code, we start the programming phase. We start by selecting an appropriate programming language, libraries, and frameworks. We also carefully evaluate any necessary third party licenses. Code review is performed as a cross quality measure within the team of developers.
All developers write tests directly during the programming phase, starting with the most evident test cases and adding more test cases along the way. The closer we are to project delivery, the more test cases are covered. Unit tests and integration tests are developed as a standard part of any project.
Our source code is documented with comments above all functions and inline comments according to appropriate standards (for example, Sphinx for Python). The whole solution is covered by documentation generated from the source code. Operation and Maintenance documentation (OAM) is provided by the OPS team.

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