Infra & Dev Operations

REDAMP OPS engineers provide services fundamental to successfully deliver every tech project. We implement and maintain production infrastructures the same as development environments. Monitoring the services and fast response on incidents is standard at REDAMP. You can also expect working backup policies, periodic security inspections, and a proactive approach.
REDAMP Data Center
We understand that it is not always possible to process and store data by utilizing various cloud services. That is why we maintain our own REDAMP data center, backed with the highest security and availability standards. That allows us to keep your data private and clearly within the EU.
HW/SW Architecture
Our teams of developers and operation engineers cooperate closely on HW/SW architecture design to ensure that all requirements are met in final products. Security, performance, availability, robustness, and many other aspects are carefully evaluated during the architecture design process.
Containers & Virtualization
Docker containers are used for efficient hardware utilization and for deployment standardization. More complex infrastructures are often deployed with kubernetes orchestrator to ensure scalability, robustness, and to foster automation. Some form of virtualization is used for the vast majority of services that are deployed by our OPS.
In REDAMP, self-hosted services are used for all projects we deliver to our customers. We go even further with providing strictly isolated environments that ensure no data gets mixed in any circumstance. We commonly use CI/CD, docker, and kubernetes in development and deployment processes. Backing these processes is a part of REDAMP OPS team duties as well.
Monitoring & Operations
Vital functions of deployed projects and services have to be kept under control. We monitor everything that is deployed under our administration, starting with hardware and ending with the tiniest service running on a server. This allows us to efficiently operate many servers with reasonable HR utilization and with control over costs.

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