Data is the hot new thing. We work with data in virtually every project. Our DB services include standard tasks such as database schema design. However, we often deal with advanced assignments like database profiling and optimization, high availability setups, and database replication. Our favorite database is PostgreSQL.
Database Design
We guarantee that database designs created by REDAMP perfectly reflect your needs and the data domain. Designs produced by us are validated and discussed among our experts. We are able to find solutions for seemingly impossible assignments.
Big Data
Acceleration of data production in recent years has caused Big Data to be virtually ubiquitous. Data comes from just about everywhere: the Internet, devices, sensors, cameras, even cars! We create architecture to effectively store and process data, delivering value to you that you never even considered.
Database Profiling
Our database experts carry out database profiling in every database-related project, not only when something is not working as expected. Therefore, we are able to discover bottlenecks, data bloats, and potential future issues with slowdowns related to growth of the database. This allows us to deliver an optimal database design in each project.
Advanced Setups
Sometimes, a standard database server is just not enough. Do you need a highly available database cluster, distributed database service, automatic data replication, or some hybrid database architecture? In all these cases, we're here for you.

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