Data analysis & processing

Data without semantics and correct interpretaion is just a bunch of bits. We make sure that the bits are put together with correct meaning. Based on the data proper understanding, we can prepare procedures for processing of it. Usually, we start with manual and semi-automatic processing first, and after its validation, full automation of the proven methods takes place.
Understanding The Domain
First of all, it is necessary to understand context of the data, the whole domain and processing targets. Our main domains are the network traffic, mobile platforms, cyber security and various combinations of those. However, there are many related domains around the mentioned ones where we will gladly serve as well.
Cyber Security Data Analysis
Lot of effort in our company is spent within the cyber security analyis. We are analysing gigabytes of network traffic every day. Such traffic is full of phishing, viruses, ransomware and other malicious particles. We have to find ways of protecting users from threats just with fragments of information, everything in unflagging pace.
BigData Processing
Once you start collecting data in decent amounts per day, you reach the BigData mark very soon. What is interesing about BigData is the added value that can be mined from the volume of data. Moreover, data from various domains can be interconnected for even more miraculous information gains. We will help you with finding the way on how to collect the right data, how to interconnect those and how to start benefitting from advanced analysis.
Machine Learning
Machine learning is one of the big terms that has been resonating in backstages. Frankly speaking, machine learning is not suitable for every data set and for every use case. Sometimes, it may be even wasting of time thinking about employing machine learnign in some scenarios - e.g. not enough relevant data, long processing time. We will help you to clearly find the correct processing method, machine learning algorithm, whatever else will be needed in order to achieve the defined goals.

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