REDAMP Device Security

Extensive security scoring of various platforms and privacy protection of users' data are all at your disposal. We discover and assess threats that you or your clients are exposed to.

REDAMP Device Security

Why #RDS?

Both the internet and devices are widely used around the globe. This opens the door to many possibilities for all of us. Transferring money, controlling smart gadgets, and processing personal data can all be done anywhere, at any time. Nearly everyone wants access to such technologies to keep pace with the rest of the world, but almost no end consumers care about security and potential risks posed by their devices. Most people don't even realize that there is some danger residing right in the tool in their hand in their local network.

We provide a complex cyber security platform to fight the seemingly invisible risks of the handheld internet world. Our mission is to increase the general security level among internet users, lower financial damage, and avoid private data breaches.

A few facts

Up to 80% of Android devices run an outdated operating system
Up to 60% of iPhones run an outdated operating system
Around 24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked every day
On average, 150% year-on-year increase in the number of mobile banking incidents
End-users posses very low awareness of security and potential risks

We track

What do you get

Risk Assessment
OS Settings
Risk Assessment
Installed Apps
Risk Assessment
IoT Devices
Risk Assessment
Privacy Protection

How Does #RDS Work?

#RDS in a nutshell

#RDS collects information about various vulnerabilities and threats relating to devices, their operating systems, settings, mobile applications, and even links to specific pieces of hardware. In addition to collecting and linking information from various sources, we actively discover new vulnerabilities on our own. #RDS allows us to precisely evaluate risks concerning a particular device reflected in all its settings, installed apps, and surroundings. Moreover, we also evaluate the privacy risks of each setup by checking which data is shared with which service.

Integration of #RDS

Integration of #RDS is divided into 3 main layers. The first layer consists of modules ready to be integrated into your existing mobile application for iOS or Android. The other two layers can be used out of the box by utilizing the REDAMP Cloud Service, without any extra effort from your side. However, for better control over privacy, we provide an on-premise RDS Middleware Service version. Setup can be as simple as deploying a single docker image.

1 - End-user level
Devices / deployed at End-user

Your branded mobile app with integrated RDS module is installed on end-user devices and collects bits and pieces of information necessary to discover and assess risks. Because operating systems protect user data quite well, the app only needs to collect small pieces of the whole device "puzzle". The app can scan local networks to discover gadgets, evaluate router passwords, and search for other local issues. A fingerprint of the device settings, its configuration, and other potential issues is created from these data pieces. This fingerprint is sent over a secure channel to the next layer, the Middleware service (2). The response from the Middleware service (2) contains all relevant information about risks and privacy issues emerging around a particular device and network. Finally, the application presents this information in a structured, understandable, and human-readable way.

Integration note: For easy integration with your project, there are modules for iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin) that can be quickly placed on an existing mobile solution. This means no CPU utilization or battery drain in the mobile device when the RDS module is installed.

2 - Middleware level
RDS Cloud Service / RDS Middleware Service / deployed at Customer or REDAMP

The Middleware level is a Linux-based system storing a fresh database export from REDAMP RDS Service (3) containing all currently relevant data about possible risks and their interconnections. The Middleware (2) receives fingerprints from End-user devices (1), performs a quick lookup and risk assessment. Then, the End-user receives a response with all relevant indicators enriched with a human-readable description. End-user fingerprints do not leave this system. The Middleware service (2) accepts DB updates from the REDAMP RDS Service (3) a minimum of every four hours to keep pace with new discoveries.

Integration note: You can utilize either cloud-based Middleware or an on-site Middleware deployment. Both solutions can be operated either by you or by REDAMP.

3 - REDAMP Analysis level
REDAMP RDS Service / deployed at REDAMP

The REDAMP RDS Service is a complex ecosystem of servers, tools, and analysts that collects and processes information about threats, risks, and possible risk mitigations. We collect data from various sources while applying intelligent algorithms that help us see risks in seemingly heterogeneous data sets. Moreover, we perform numerous analyses of platforms on our own - for example, advanced security analyses of mobile apps with our proprietary Mobile Application Research System (MARS). Furthermore, we constantly work on human readable risk assessments and our risk mitigation knowledge base. We make sure your instance of the Middleware service (2) is supplied with the most recent data available at any given moment.

Integration note: This service is operated from the REDAMP data center. Connection to the Middleware service (2) requires only an established secure channel.

Do you want REDAMP Device Security?

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Model Applications


Add a risk assessment tool for the devices present in your network. Would you like to detect devices which have alreay been compromised and devices that are easy to infect?

  • Upselling tool - Advise your customers to buy a new device in your store based on the security assessment and discovered threats. You can even motivate customers by providing discounts as a reward for taking their security seriously.
  • Lower data traffic - Decrease the number of compromised devices in your network. Less vulnerable devices means less malicious traffic and fewer problems.
  • Reputation boost - Show that you care about your customers' security.


Are users of your mobile banking app an easy target? Do you want to prevent fraudulent money transfers? We will help you evaluate risks related to running your mobile banking app on every device.

  • Loss prevention - Set a transaction limit for mobile banking used on less secure devices. Limit authorization for some functionality when vulnerable devices are identified. Refuse operations on a completely insecure devices.


Do you need to make sure that devices emerging in your company's perimeter and using your company assets comply with a certain security level?

  • Risk assessment and management - We give you perfect control over the risk of devices utilizing your resources.
  • Risk mitigation - We quickly improve your current risk state by providing possible risk mitigation recommendations.

Mobile Apps

Are the security of platforms running your mobile app and the security of your users' data one of your chief concerns? Do you want to prevent data breaches?

  • Improved security - We show you in detail what the risk battlefield looks like.
  • Penetration testing - We assess your app with our app penetration test set, a part of our Mobile Application Research System (MARS).
REDAMP Device Security

#RDS Key Features

Easy To Integrate

RDS architecture is prepared to become a key part of your security. Guaranteed easy integration into your backend infrastructure and existing mobile apps with no additional CPU utilization or battery drain.

Adjustable Risk Scoring

We provide comprehensive risk scoring out of the box. However, if you need specific adjustments or a completely unique approach, our engineers are ready to meet your needs.

Cloud / On-Premise

You choose which architecture design works best for you. Do you want instant deployment with our secured cloud service? Full control over your own data center? Both alternatives are fully prepared and ready for deployment.

Full Platform Evaluation

RDS provides a comprehensive assessment of risks on supported platforms and interconnected gadgets. We evaluate each device from various perspectives while keeping users’ privacy intact.

DB Updates Every 4 Hours

The platform assessment algorithms need the newest data for making the right decisions. Our update mechanism will deliver fresh data at a minimum of every 4 hours.

Full Support

Our team will provide you with full support for RDS integration and operations. We are not a one-size-fits-all service. We are ready to prepare a perfectly tailored solution for you.

#RDS Architecture

Do you want REDAMP Device Security?

Yes, I do!

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