Why work with us


Our customers can always rely on us doing the best and behaving correctly, in every situation. Reliability is of the most important values engraved deeply in the company constitution.

High standards

We follow high industry standards in quality, security, and delivery of our projects. Therefore, solutions delivered by us are sustainable in operation.

Fast delivery

We help in situations where it is impossible for our customers to deliver on time. Agile methodology and a well-organized team of professionals is guarantee for fast and on-time delivery.

Turnkey solution

We will gladly roof the whole project A to Z. It is our passion to design optimal infrastructures and software, perfectly fitting together.

On-premise & Cloud

It is up to your needs where and how to deploy the delivered solution. We can be of help with deployment and operations of the whole architecture.

Defined technology

Technology stack that we master is clearly defined. We do not try to be Chuck Norris in every segment, but professionals in what we do.

Our customers say

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Our team

We are a team of IT professionals solving cyber security challenges for global brands. Our software solutions help to protect customers from around the world. Although we are not directly visible, we meet you online every day! The work with passion, joy, and interest are all about delivering the best.


Nowadays, we are witnessing increasing demand in cyber security that goes hand in hand with more extensive use of technology in all aspects of our everyday lifes. More and more applications are moved to the world of IT, making wide variety of features available immediately from your pocket. With this power, there comes also the huge responsiblity.


Dominik Malčík


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